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Aftercare Instructions.

Please follow the aftercare advice given to you by the artist to help with the correct healing of the tattoo. any questions please feel free to reach out to any member of the Hull tattoo studio staff.

1) Clean your tattoo with warm clean water using just your hand in a massaging motion.
2) Pat your tattoo dry with either a clean towel or a paper towel because not to rub it.
3) Go make a cuppa tea or watch some TikTok's for 10 minutes and allow it to fully air dry.
4) Apply a small amount of aftercare ointment and gentle massage it into the skin. 
5) Now repeat the process twice a day once in a morning and once at night.

If second skin is used as opposed to cling film please remember this stays on the skin for 24 hours then please return to the shop so we can reapply the second skin which will be left on for 7 days and it is normal for there to be a build up of plasma between the second skin and your tattoo, when removing the second skin it's best to gently warm the area to help loosen the adhesive before peeling  it off.

Avoid direct sunlight, soaking your fresh tattoo in any body of water and getting it dirty.
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