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Tattoo bookings.

Booking your dream tattoo at Hull Tattoo Studio is a breeze! Our user-friendly booking process includes options for Klarna and Paypal credit payment. We recommend contacting your desired artist to discuss your unique tattoo ideas in detail, and then easily book your appointment online. Let us help bring your vision to life!

  • An hour of tattooing is for small and simple pieces.

    1 hr

    70 British pounds
  • A two hour slot to work on your tattoo.

    2 hr

    140 British pounds
  • Ideal for detailed work or starting large pieces

    3 hr

    210 British pounds
  • All singular tattoo work

    5 hr

    250 British pounds
  • From the start of the day to the end.

    6 hr

    350 British pounds
  • 4 hr

    280 British pounds
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